Mongolian Barbeque Case

Exceder Keelan

Submitted to: M. Austin Davey & Tannys Laughren

COMM 1006E-02

Nov 10, 2014

Executive Summary:

The Mongolian Grill case is based around a successful restaurant in London, Ontario owned by John Butkus. Mr. Butkus is opening another Mongolian Grill in Waterloo, Ontario which gives him the opportunity to produce adjustments from your London area to increase efficiencies to ensure great success in Waterloo. The largest problem intended for the Birmingham location is the fact it is so active on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays that this has to give potential customers aside. To fix this Mr. Butkus has to build a shorter buyer experience to open up furniture and provide more people. The decision recommended was to add an additional meals bar as well as moving the grill to a more central location in contrast to being tucked in the part which only leaves a few counter space for customers to watch their meals being prepared. With the fresh floor prepare Mongolian Barbeque grill will theoretically make $2, 200 even more on Thurs night, Friday, and Saturday, which comes to $320, 000 even more per year. All of this being done without sacrificing quality or service may be possible and may in fact increase services due to the faster serving times. The initial cost being an extra $24, 4 hundred is small compared to the potential payout inside the first yr which leaves a balance of $305, 600 after acquiring that price out of the total extra income earned while using new ground plan.

Issue Statement:

David Butkus is usually opening a brand new location in Waterloo, and at his previously established area in London, this individual has a problem with not being able to satisfy the demand of the market during his active times on Thursday, Thursday, and Saturday; therefore he has to force potential customers off to other restaurants and lose their very own business. This individual has the chance to go with a brand new layout on the Waterloo position that will increase the restaurants capacity to serve even more customers, yet Mr. Butkus must decide if this the very best decision intended for his cafe.

Sub Concerns:

Mongolian Barbeque is a stunning restaurant decision for many demographic categories due to the food quality and online environment, for that reason there are many factors that in theory look like they will increase product sales such as elevating capital or perhaps labour but may be detrimental to the culture of Mongolian Grill. Overcrowding is among the this, since if for example they may have 2 food stations then one central grill, a bottleneck impact is likely to happen and this can put a damper on the atmosphere. Instead of customers excitingly collecting their particular food then watching the cook prepare it for them (like the Birmingham location), they are waiting in lines while people select all their food then by the time they get to the cook they will be so rapide that the excitement from the whole encounter will be replace by irritation of waiting. Regarding the cost of additional equipment, it's a high risk going into an unknown industry such as Waterloo and paying down this tools will come from the profits. Therefore the restaurant is not as busy while projected then there will be a level larger possibility of going into debts because of extra equipment which the single meals bar would have handled. The Mongolian Barbeque in London's layout obviously is a effective layout. Though innovation is actually a necessity intended for survival inside the restaurant business, changing the layout may be a risk not really worth taking for Butkus because London and Waterloo are generally related markets so that it would seem such as the layout can be transferrable with the results in the London area are positive.

Production Process:

1 . Quality

2 . Function

3. Services

4. Price

5. Variety

Quality in the restaurant business is primary because Mongolian Grill similar to most other eating places gain business in a new city with better food than the eating places that have already a solid buyer...


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