Ram Manohar Lohia, (born March twenty three, 1910, Akbarpur, India—died March 12, 1967, New Delhi), Indian politician and activist who was a prominent figure in socialist politics and in the movement toward Indian independence. Much of his career was devoted to fighting injustice through the development of a distinctly Indian version of socialism.

Lohia was born to a family of merchants. Following the fatality of his mother when he was two, he was raised primarily simply by his grandpa and grandma, although his father's commitment to American indian nationalism influenced him during his the child years. Lohia attended Banaras Indio University just before earning a bachelor's level (1929) through the University of Calcutta and a doctorate (1932) in the University of Berlin, where he studied economics and governmental policies.

In 1934 Lohia started to be actively involved in the Congress Socialist Party (CSP), founded that year as a left-wing group within the American indian National Our elected representatives; he served on the CSP executive panel and edited its weekly journal. A vehement opposition of Of india participation quietly of Great Great britain in World Battle II, he was arrested intended for anti-British feedback in 1939 and again in 1940; the latter episode resulted in a great 18-month imprisonment. With the beginning in 1942 of the Leave India movement—a campaign initiated by Mohandas K. Gandhi to urge the drawback of United kingdom authorities from India—Lohia and other CSP commanders (such as Jaya Prakash Narayan) broken up support in the underground. For such resistance activities, having been jailed once again in 1944–46.

During after India's move to independence in 1947, Lohia continuing to play the role in its politics. For loggerheads with Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Jawaharlal Nehru on several issues, however , Lohia and other CSP users left the Congress in 1948. He became a member of the Praja Socialist Party upon its formation in 1952 and offered as general secretary for the brief period, but internecine conflicts triggered his resignation in 1955. Later that...


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