Managing and control

Concern to be highlighted| Relevant references| Recommendations| DIRECTOR'S DUTIES 2. Directors, Encik Zayed and Puan Hashimah do not understand regarding the Companies Take action 1965 and his responsibilities| 5. Section 132 of Businesses Act 65: director of your company shall at all times workout his powers for a right purpose and act bona fide (in uberrima fides in the best interest of the company) 2. Shall exercise reasonable treatment, skill and diligence with the knowledge and experience * Duty to reveal all material information and various interest in the business execute * Capacity to delegate| 5. Encik Zayed and Puan Hashimah need to know what are their particular duties and responsibilities 5. All types of integrated companies 5. The need to comply with the relevant standards and regulations * Enhance business governance 2. Matters concerning powers with the: * deliberar of the organization * administration and government of the firm * Officers of the firm * Accounting and auditing of the firm | NO STANDARD WORKING PROCEDURE (SOP) IMPLEMENTED 2. Withdrawal of company's money made without correct documentation. 2. Decision and authorization made by the directors on its own without right documentation * It will boost the risk of scams and disparity in doing task * Give the auditor hard time to keep track of the transaction and activity of asset. | 5. Standard operating procedures (SOP) are a in depth explanation showing how a policy will be implemented. * Serve as platform for organizational policy – provide path and composition * Drafted documentation of best practice * Explains to what, how, when, how come, and who also * Present foundation intended for: * job descriptions, * employee training * corrective action and discipline, and * Performance review. | Delima will need to implement common operating procedure (SOP): 2. Increase performance and consistence in performing task *...


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