Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 - 2025 Foreword




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Education is a significant contributor towards the development of the social and economic capital. It inspires creativity and fosters creativity; provides the youth while using necessary abilities to be able to compete in the modern labour market; and is a key rider of expansion in the economy. And as this Govt puts in position measures beneath the New Economical Model, Economical Transformation Plan and Federal government Transformation Intend to place Malaysia firmly on the path to development, we must ensure that each of our education program continues to improvement in tandem. In so doing, our region will continue to keep tempo in an progressively competitive global economy.


Our education system has been the bedrock of your development. It has provided this generation and others before it with the abilities and knowledge that have motivated the country's growth and, with it, our wealth. At the center of this would be the thousands of dedicated teachers, rules of sciene, administrators, and officers and staff on the Ministry of Education, the two past and present, whose contribution cannot be overstated. In the 55 years since each of our independence, they have overseen a dramatic improvement to the top quality and supply of education. And through their efforts we have, for example , achieved near-universal access on the primary and lower extra levels, while global organisations such as UNESCO and Community Bank include recognised and lauded Malaysia's progress in education. But in order to satisfy our high aspirations amongst an increasingly competitive global environment, we cannot stand continue to. Our nation requires a modification of the entire education system, lifting achievement for all students. Produce no blunder; this will need an entirely new perspective, in order that students develop skills necessary for the modern world. Rather than just adding staff and features, there is now a need to understand and improve the aspect of the educating and learning process. To this end, the Government has developed the Education Blueprint. It possesses a comprehensive arrange for a rapid and sustainable alteration of our education system to 2025. And by building on the range of pursuits introduced as National Essential Result Areas, it sets out the fundamental alterations that we require. From how we approach student learning, just how we get, train and reward each of our teachers and principals right through to how the Ministry of Education on its own operates, this lays out a process for this change. And in doing so, it lays out clear improvements on the factors that really subject, along just about every step on this journey.

Malaysia Education System 2013 - 2025 Foreword


These kinds of targets will be ambitious, although entirely attainable. They consist of: ensuring general enrolment coming from pre-school to upper secondary education in 10 years; halving the achievements gaps between the rich and poor, city and country, and involving the states that form Malaysia in 10 years; rising from the bottom-third to the top-third of countries in international assessments just like PISA and TIMSS in 15 years; and building an education system that gives children an appreciation for our unique identity as Malaysians. And this will be achieved with due wisdom and look after the resources allotted; every ringgit spent has to be directed towards improving student outcomes. I might also like for taking this chance to express my personal appreciation for the Ministry of Education and everything those who added towards the development of this Education Blueprint. I know that modifying the education program will not be easy and that we are likely to encounter many challenges along the way. But naturally, rest assured not only will be the Government and Ministry of Education dedicated to delivering in these desired goals, I i am also privately committed. And hand in hand with all the rakyat, I've every self-confidence that...


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