Imprisoned in Fortification Santiago underneath the abusive The spanish language colonization, José Rizal (Cesar Montano) was approached with a young unfounded indio requesting the importance of education during his your life. Meanwhile, in Balintawak, Andrés Bonifacio (Gardo Versoza) fantastic fellow magic formula organization of Katipunan, started the violent uprising against the inappropriate tyranny produced by the Spaniards by ripping their papeleta as a indication of Spanish slavery. Quickly, a first lieutenant of the Cannon, Luis Taviel de Andrade (Jamie Fabregas), visited Rizal. Taviel de Andrade did not waste time to examine carefully Rizal's case. In just a short period of your energy, Rizal and Taviel captured each other peoples sympathy and in the end became close friends as they had usual meetings in Rizal's cell in Fort Santiago. Taviel was even able to celebrate Holiday with Rizal in the cellular where they drank and sang with each other. After Christmas, Rizal was sent to Royal Audiencia (the colonial courtroom of appeal) to hear the trial against him. Right after, the magistrates decided to condemn him under firing team on the 30th of the morning hours in Luneta. At the previous night the delivery, Rizal hallucinates, seeing his alter ego-protagonist Simoun of his story El Filibusterismo tempting mcdougal to change the climax in the story. For the morning with the execution, his kin received a small alcohol stove (ofcourse not a gas lamp as commonly portrayed) from his cell made up of the last composition " Mi Ultimo Adios. " Preventing at the host to execution facing the growing sun, Rizal asked the authorities for any last ask for as he confronts the shooting squad however the request can be denied. Relaxed and without rush, he altered his request to save his head during execution as well as the captain wants. At the moment the shooting squad points for his back, he readily uttered his final words and phrases: Consummatum se revele etre. (It is completed. ) Following the execution, users of the Katipunan had ambushed a Spanish military organization somewhere in Manila, completely catching the Spanish forces off protect and seized...


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