The effects about self-esteem and self-confidence, of the physical adjustments associated with aging. The self-esteem and the self-confidence of the individual will be affected if the physical changes in their physiques started to transform because of aging. This impacts an individual enormously if they were physically linked to sporting activities or they fundamentally preferred to be fit in body. The physical changes associated with ageing become inventible when an individual actually reaches a certain era. The brain, senses, skin, heart, circulation, joints, muscle and lungs little by little deteriorate and turn weaker. This can affect the development of the individual because they are losing a big part within their lives that was important. The value of shedding something that was part of the life of the individual can affect their self-esteem in way that they feel like it can be hopeless to do almost anything else. For example someone who has Dementia would quickly be affected by their very own condition since they can hardly remember something that happens in their life. Their self-esteem would be influenced because everybody surrounding the person would know the fact that individual suffers from dementia. This could also influence their interpersonal life because no one would want to associate with someone who regularly forgets what is happening around them. In case the individual can be taken to a residential house it becomes simpler for them mainly because care staff would be assisting the person in an attempt to recollect all their memories if they can. The conceit of an person that is having problems in ability to hear, seeing, mouth watering, smelling etc can be afflicted because they cannot have all the senses that they can require. This will affect all of them because if they do not possess a full impression of vision, they cannot have the opportunity to see things that other people get to see because of getting older. That would massively have an impact in your daily course because they are shedding vision due to their age. The self-confidence could decrease...


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