Maya Johnson encountered various struggles in her existence growing up in the Southern region and that is what inspired her to write the book, I realize Why A Caged Fowl Sings. Internet had various role types in her life like Momma, Bailey, and Mrs. Bouquets. Maya's granny, Annie Henderson, or otherwise referred to as Momma in the story was a role style because of her strict guidelines that your woman enforced. Mcneally Johnson was Maya's brother and good friend that helped Maya through tough conditions when your woman needed someone to talk to. Mrs. Bertha Blossoms was a female who occupied the Rubber stamps and was often known as Maya's idol. This kind of leads in to how Momma, Bailey, and Mrs. Bertha Flowers made lasting impacts on Maya and helped her end up being the strong Christian women your woman strived to become. Maya's grandmother was also known as Momma available because your woman raised Mcneally and Cyber from a really young age. Momma raised them according to strict Christian values, strict rules, and didn't symbolize any foolishness. One time Cyber and Bailey were in church and so they started laughing really hard and were not paying any attention to what the audio was saying and momma got genuinely mad and punished these people when they go back home. Momma enforced a strict routine in their house by making the youngsters always complete their groundwork, say their particular prayers prior to they go to bed, and attend chapel every On the; this rigid routine helped them master responsibility and gain respect for their parents. Maya was supposed to always obey our creator and never trouble or go against the Lord in any way; it taught her good Christian beliefs. One day your woman was coming back from Mrs. Bertha Flower's house when she arrived to Momma's store and explained, " Moreover, Bailey, Mrs. Flowers directed you some cookies”(Angelou 101). Momma received so crazy and penalized Maya because she thinks God is definitely the way. Momma's strict faith based values built Maya right into a strong, spiritual, honest, and respectful person and that showed Internet that lifestyle will be tough but Our god will be presently there for her...


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