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Ancient Moments (3000 BC – twenty-seven BC)

* Pictorial representation and other symbols were used for Figures back in the times. (To record numbers of persons, animals, and so forth ) 5. In Babylonia and Chinese suppliers, population has already been recorded. 2. Sumerians, record population for taxation functions.

* Egyptians, assess population and material wealth of the country ahead of building pyramids. * Papyrus – exactly where early scriptures of Stats were written. * In Biblical instances, censuses had been done by Moses (1491 BC) followed by David (1017 BC) * In China, during the Zhou Empire, censuses had been done to evaluate the available people for the army and taxation (1027 to 256 BC) * Ancient Greeks (594 BC) already do censuses

* BOTH ROMAN EMPIRE – first one to do expensive info collection. * SERVIUS TULLIUS, the sixth King of Rome, was given credit pertaining to instituting the gathering of population info, who initiated the 1st census. * King Bill I, California king of Great britain, required the compilation of information completed in 1086 called " The Domes Day Book” or " The Publication of Winchester” – initial book of British figures

18th Hundred years

* Achenwall is a man noted to be the first to bring in the word " statistics” (1719-1772) * Zimmerman and Sinclair introduced and popularized the name " statistics” within their books 2. The method of least potager was first defined by Carl Friedrich Gauss around 1794

19th Century

2. Laplace's " Theories Tautologique des Probabilities” of 1812 further backed and stable the stated theory. 5. The meaning of " statistics” broadened, after that including the willpower concerned with the gathering, summary, and analysis of information. * Cultural scientists employed...


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