Harvey World Travelling

Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

1 . Executive Summary5

2 . Situation Analysis6

2 . 1 . Current market situation6

installment payments on your 1 . 1 ) Market Analysis6

2 . installment payments on your Customer analysis6

2 . three or more. Product Analysis6

2 . 4. Industry and Competitor Analysis7

2 . a few. Economic Analysis7

2 . 6. Swot Analysis8

2 . six. 1 . Strengths and Weakness8

2 . 6. 2 . Opportunities and Threats8

2 . 7. Key Issues8

2 . eight. Critical Assumptions9

2 . being unfaithful. Analytical models9

3. Marketing Objectives10

3. 1 . Objectives10

3. installment payments on your Set Objectives10

4. Marketing Strategy11

5. 1 . Positioning11

4. 2 . Marketing Mix11

5. Action Plan12

a few. 1 . Prepare Co-ordination12

6th. Budget13

6. 1 . Sales13

6. installment payments on your Cost of sales13

6. several. Gross Margin13

6. some. Marketing costs13

6. 5. Profit after marketing13

several. Controls14

several. 1 . Overall performance requirement to attain objective14

several. 1 . 1 . Operational controls14

7. 1 ) 2 . Revenue Volume Controls14

7. 1 ) 3. Marketing cost controls14

7. 1 ) 4. Tactical Controls14

Executive Summary

It is evident by HWT's eyesight and corporate targets that they are aiming to master the travel Industry. HWT is Australia's leading selling travel business group with financial durability and business transparency unequalled in the franchise sector. HWT extensive franchising experience, technical leadership, travel and leisure expertise and purchasing power enable them to deliver significant marketplace advantage for their franchise network. Growing their franchise system is integral with their strategic eye-sight. Importantly, a HWT operation permits one to be in organization by themselves but having a good support and leadership of HWT knowledge. A HWT franchise presents features and benefits that can help protected financial success in the price tag travel market. In order to fulfill these goals they are chasing a Market-Development strategy relating to Ansoff's product grid. They are using current item in fresh markets, to get e. g in 1997 they moved into the The southern area of African market to pursue their development strategy using existing items. They accomplished market transmission into SA by offering HWT franchises. HWT covers two market segments which are attained by forming joint ventures with travel groups like Rennies Travel since it is very well situated as a corporate/government supplier while HWT give attention to leisure. A 50% stake in Harvey holidays, a joint venture with Quantas Airways also signifies a tendency to diversify their very own business. Joint ventures with travel Insurance firms also permit HWT to realise a quality service to its buyers all beneath the HWT umbrella.

Although the HWT as a group are generally not in a economic crisis, the travel around industry overall are suffering from rapid environmental changes, including supplier commissions being lower and the fast advancement of e-commerce changing the way persons transact and research travel and leisure destinations.

This marketing strategy will treat the above problems to ensure that HWT will make it through this changing environment in the long run and most significantly maximise the cost of the HWT group and franchise owners.

Situation Examination

Current market condition

Market Analysis

* Size: Greatest agency operation business inside the Southern hemisphere comprising of 534 stores across AUS, NZ, UK, SA, Egypt and Timor. * Expansion: Significant progress has been skilled in the global arena by recently expanding operations in the united kingdom and The southern part of African marketplace through franchising its name and expertise. This kind of growth course will eventually put HWT in every nation. * Trends: Trends inside the travel sector have revolutionilised since the creation of e-commerce. This kind of affects how HWT will in future connect to its clients as the standard approach of customer browsing HWT retailers will start to fall as more people get access to the internet. Proceed to service costs instead of supplier commissions include forced the travel industry to restructure pricing. 2. Shares: Rennies and Harvey travel.



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