Intangible assets

Towards the end of this spiel you should be in a position to:

* Make clear what goodwill is

* Clarify the differences among purchase and non-purchased goodwill * Go over evaluation and possible methods of accounting intended for goodwill * Explain and discuss the requirements of IFRS for ‘accounting for goodwill' * Make clear and go over the requirement for Research and Development

Intangible assets

The IASB defines in IAS38 a great intangible property as:

A great identifiable nonmonetary asset without physical element held use with the production or supply of services or goods. In the EUROPEAN UNION Fourth Savoir, on which most of the European regulations are based contains the following list inside the balance sheet formats.

Cost of r and d



Trade marks



Description: The difference between your value in the business as a whole and the reasonable value of its separable net resources.

Why does goodwill exist?

There are numerous items of gain to a business that do not really qualify the meaning of an property and are not supplied in the accounts. Examples include

Goodwill is within existence all the time but it is usually difficult to measure it and set a value on it. They are certainly not recognised for the Balance Sheet because they do not occur from a great accounting deals. Their value is independent of the amount spent.

They cannot be sold independently without providing the business.

Types of goodwill

There are two styles of goodwill

Inherent goodwill

Purchased goodwill

Acquired goodwill arises as a result of a transaction: when ever one business buys an additional company. The acquirer might pay more or less than the cost of the identifiable assets and liabilities. The difference is goodwill arising from a great accounting purchase. Non-purchased goodwill or inside generated goodwill is any goodwill aside from purchased goodwill.

Goodwill is usually an accounting anomaly. Every method of accounting results in...


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