Key Issue 4: Who was to blame for the Cold Warfare?

Specific Content

• Why do the USA-USSR alliance continue to break down 66 years ago? • Just how had the USSR attained control of Far eastern Europe by simply 1948? • How do the USA respond to Soviet expansionism?

• Who had been more to blame for the start of the Cold Battle, the USA and also the USSR? The origins in the Cold War; the 1945 summit meetings including the parts played by simply Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Truman, as well as the breakdown of the USA-USSR connections in 1945–6; Soviet expansion in Far eastern Europe; the Iron Curtain; the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan; the Munich Blockade and its particular immediate effects. June 2012

Q. 2

(a) The thing that was the Iron Curtain? [4]

(b) Describe why Duessseldorf was a cause of tension between East and West among 1945 and 1949. [6] (c) How successful was the West in containing Communism in The european union up to 49? Explain the answer? [10] Jan 2012

Q. two

(a) What decisions about Germany were considered at Yalta and Potsdam? [4] (b) Explain why the wartime allies disagreed about Belgium in 1945. [6] (c) The following were equally to blame for increasing Cold War tensions ahead of 1950: my spouse and i. Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe;

2. The Truman Doctrine as well as the Marshall Program; and

iii. The Berlin Blockade.

How far do you accept this statement? Explain the answer mentioning only to i actually, ii and iii. [10] June 10

Q. two

(a) Describe what happened at the Potsdam Conference. [4]

(b) Describe why the USA-USSR cha?non had split up by 1947. [6] (c) Which region had the greater successful policies in Europe between 1945 and 49: the USA and also the USSR? Make clear your response. [10] January 11

1(b) Explain why the USSR blockaded Western world Berlin in 1948. [8] June twelve

1(b) Clarify why the USA was hostile towards the Soviet Union in the years 1945 to 1949. [4] Jan 10

Queen. 2

(a) That which was decided on the Yalta Seminar in March 1945? [4] (b) Describe why there was clearly a breakdown in relations between USSR and the West by 1945 to 1946. [6] (c)...


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