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A quick biography of Franz Western

Franz West came to be in Vienna in 1947 and studied at the Schools of Applied Arts, Vienna. He passed away in Vienna in This summer 2012. West's work has become a fixture in countless intercontinental survey displays such as Documenta and Biennales all over the world, in fact it is included in major public collections including Center Pompidou, Paris, france; Museum Ludwig, Cologne, the Museum of Modern Art, New York; and MAXXI, Rome. New solo exhibitions include " We'll Not really Carry Coals, ” Kunsthaus Bregenz, Luxembourg (2003); " Recent Sculptures”, Lincoln Centre, New York (2004); Vancouver Art Gallery (2005); MAK, Vienna (2008); " To make A House You begin with the Roof structure: Work, 1972–2008, ” Baltimore Museum of Art (2008–09, traveled to Are usually County Art gallery of Artwork in 2009); and " Franz Western: Auto theater, ” Art gallery Ludwig, Cologne (2010, traveled to MADRE, Bonita springs and General museum, Graz, Austria in 2010–11). Via:

biography of Franz West


Early on life and education

Franz West was created on sixteen February 1947. His daddy was a fossil fuel dealer, his mother a dentist who have took her son with her on art-viewing outings to Italy. West would not begin to study art critically until he was 26, once, between 1977 and 1983, he studied at the School of Excellent Arts Vienna with Marrone Gironcoli. -------------------------------------------------

Personal Lifestyle

West was married to the Georgian artist Tamuna Sirbiladze



West started out making drawings around 70 before moving forward to coated collages adding magazine pictures that confirmed the affect of Put Art. His art practice started as a reaction to the Viennese Actionism movement have been exhibited in museums and galleries for over three decades. Over the last 20 years he previously a regular existence in big expositions just like Documenta as well as the Venice Bisannuelle. West's artwork is typically constructed from plaster, papier-mâché, wire, polyester-made, aluminium and other, ordinary elements. He started to generate paintings, however turned to collages, sculptures, lightweight sculptures called " Adaptives" or " Fitting Pieces", environments and furniture – " welded metal ergonomic chairs and divans, some minimally padded and upholstered in raw bed linen. " To get his early on sculptures, West often covered ordinary objects—bottles, machine parts, pieces of furniture and also other, unidentifiable things—with gauze and plaster, generating " uneven, grungy, dirty-white objects". In the late 1990s, Western turned to considerable lacquered light weight aluminum pieces, the first (and several after) inspired by the forms of Viennese sausages, in addition to the shapes of the Adaptives. Using their monochrome hues and abnormal patchwork surfaces, these performs were also suitable for sitting and lying. " It doesn't matter what the art looks like but how it's utilized. -- Franz West ”

The Baltimore Museum of Art with help by former Mature Curator of Contemporary Art, Darsie Alexander, organised the very first " comprehensive survey" to have you ever been done in the U. T. of Franz West's artwork which covered his newest artwork designed specifically for the Baltimore Art gallery of Art, The Igo and the Identity. which " consists of two configurations of rumpled, ribbon-like loops growing some twenty feet large. One is dazzling pink, the other neatly painted in blocks of green, yellowish, blue and orange. Both have round bar stools projecting through the lower ends of the loops. " For the season 2009/2010 in the Vienna State Internet explorer Franz Western designed a mass picture (176 sqm) within the exhibition series " Safety Curtain", developed by museum in progress. During his career, West offers engaged in collaborations with other performers, such as conceptual Artist Bernhard Cella, conceptual artist Douglas Gordon, musician Fred Jellinek, furniture developer Mathis Esterhazy, and ceramist Tamuna Sirbiladze (West's widow). For another exhibit...


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