Case: Foremostco, Inc. (A)

Foremostco Inc. was a family run business of 70 employees and in addition they had cultivated really fast in 90s. They had become the largest supply of imported beginner plant material in America. In the year 2k, they substituted their musical legacy IT program with the new one and faced concern of computer breakdown. Issue in consideration:

•Why did this kind of project enter such trouble?

•What should be done to recover from the crisis described in the case? Option:

Foremostco confronted the problem of computer system malfunction and they had this panic situation. Main reasons for this kind of crisis could possibly be: •Not allocating sufficient some cost to the application screening •Lack of step by step activation of new IT system

•No business continuity and tragedy recovery plan

As created above, they failed carry out to the appropriate testing from the application. Inside the rush of moving towards the new system, they wasn't able to do complete justice towards the testing method. Here, second point means, any corporation should start applying any new system in a step by step method. First they should activate the modern system and really should keep the old system working. After a day or two of overall performance monitoring, they can deactivate this system. Likewise, there seems to become no disaster recovery or perhaps business continuity plan in position which can help those to stand in the disaster. Due to above 3 reasons, Foremostco failed to monitor their product and customer data when their computer failed. Today, I think they must activate their old program as soon as possible and begin using that. By the interim, they can question engineers to look into the flaws present in the new system. This will help to them to continue their organization. Also, they have to check if they have lost virtually any data and try to recover that. Foremostco must also build the disaster restoration plan and business continuity plan for the future after recovering from disaster. Also, Foremostco attempted to implement the system using...


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