Extracting sliver coming from used X-ray films using new methods


Sterling silver is one of the gold and silver coins that is out there as metallic halides and dark metallic in Xray films for that reason recycling it is essential. I decided to handle my exploration in the field of extracting silver coming from used Xray films employing new strategy that dosage not deplete ant material resources or energy methods meaning that the project must be environmentally friendly. My research includes two parts, part one that is carrying out experiments to obtain the concentration of nitric acidity silver via X-ray films using nitric acid and investigating and other chemicals necessary to extract silver precious metal and silver compounds kind X-ray motion pictures, and the appropriate procedure to become followed. Following getting effective result with nitric acidity, the second challenging part was to investigate and do experiments about extracting oxides of nitrogen from exhaust system unwanted gases which are the response to combustion of fossil fuels in internal engines. My tests revealed that applying urea boosts the percentage acid of the condition prepared coming from exhaust gas. That option was copie for its ability to precipitate sterling silver halides and result was light areas in xray films develop 5. seven percent precipitate when using the acidic answer prepared coming from urea and exhaust fumes. The last element of my project was to design a model that combines both parts of my own project with regards to doing final tests around the extraction of silver making use of the above mentioned strategy. I was capable to extract approximately 5% of silver halides using my personal technique whilst carrying out my personal research, I faced many problems yet I was able to overcome all of them. One way that helped lumination my course in defeating certain problems and leading me towards the right parts to be found in carrying out my design was designing the number of experiments that took place.


Major problem:

* How can be obtain and draw out silver type used x-ray films?



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