п»їExamine the Marxist View with the Family (24 Marks)

Marxists believe that the nuclear family is dominant in Society. That they see the family members in the classic way plus they all conduct essential capabilities and do a lot of things for each different and go through the classic tasks of the person is the breadwinner where he is out and makes each of the money to provide for the family, the mother will the house function but still earns money to provide for the family and handles the children and many others, the traditional family members sort of life-style. Marxists believe the family all just go out to earn money and this funds is supplied in the family to hold them selecting things like drink and food, utilities and also other things like that, a estimate from Zaretesky was that if the man earnings home following work dr. murphy is the ‘king from the castle' fundamentally saying that the key is in impose and makes the most money, once again backing up the lovely view that Marxists believe the family should be traditional as well as the man is the breadwinner along with his partner patient and cooking for him etc nevertheless more shows the man fulfillment as some views believe that the mother works the household since she really does all of the function and works the house since she does all of the operate like make the relatives tea and tidy up, standard house chores to keep it intact. Another point the Marxists trust in is that the kids accept capitalism and levels of hierarchy in society thus there are lots of several roles and things like management so the mom and dad are in charge and possess the authority in the house hold and they teach all of them this is how lifestyle works and this is the way the work place performs, there is always gonna be an individual in expert and there is constantly going to become someone larger up you and they have to accept this and the actual rules. This kind of again links back to and backs up the first point that Marxists trust in a traditional family. According to Marxists people also have confidence in status gift of money. This theory was copied in 1884 by Engel...


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