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2012/2013 Business Strategy Prof. Donna Rangone

INFESTATION ANALYSIS JOB - GUIDELINES TASK To formulate an external environmental analysis of your Country of origin based upon the PoliticalEconomic-Social-Technological framework (PEST Analysis), to be able to identify and synthesize the key macro-environmental tendency potentially impacting competition in the geographical region under scrutiny. The PEST Examination carried out shall combine the subsequent characteristics: u country-specific, providing a general introduction to the macro-environmental phenomena and trends having a potential cross-industry effect; u Mobile Telecommunications Industry-specific, detail the previously identified national macro-phenomena and trends for the Mobile Industry in your Country, therefore highlighting and assessing their very own impacts on your Mobile national market; o specifically, the angle to be taken in the analysis is a potential Portable Start-Up considering entering your Mobile countrywide market to develop Mobile Applications. All delivering presentations should in least contain the following country-specific key data (updated to 2012 or maybe 2013 where possible): u o o o um o u o Populace Gross Home-based Production (GDP) – current prices Major Domestic Creation (GDP) – purchasing electric power parity (PPP) Gross Home Production (GDP) Growth Rate on a three years basis (2009-2010-2011-2012? ) Major Domestic Production (GDP) Every Capita – current prices Gross Home-based Production (GDP) Per Household – getting power parity (PPP) Unemployment Rate Inflation Rate

The previously mentioned info, beyond being contained within your slides (virtually anywhere you want), shall also be accumulated in a single table, provided individually, as listed below:

For all the data retrieved and presented in the table, make sure you explicitly mention its resources and sources (e. g. " Authorities of XXX (2012), Analysis Report, Author Name, offered by: link”).



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