British Traditions: Sport

Athletics play an essential part inside the life in the Englishmen which is a popular amusement activity. Lots of the world's famous sports started out in England, which include cricket, football, lawn tennis and soccer. 1 . Cricket

Cricket is usually an England's national sport. Cricket can be described as bat-and-ball sport contested by simply two clubs, usually of 11 players every. A crickinfo match is played on the grass field, roughly oval in shape. How to play Cricket

Groups are made up of 11 players every. They get a ball slightly smaller than a baseball and a bat molded like a paddle. Two batters stand in the front of wickets, set about 20 metres a part. Each wicket consists of 3 wooden rods pushed into the ground, with two tiny pieces of solid wood (bails) well balanced on top. An associate of the rival team (the bowler) throws the ball towards one of the batters, who also must hit the ball so that it would not knock a bail from the wicket. In the event the ball travels far enough, the two batters run back and forth between the wickets while the fielders on the opposing team try to catch the ball. The sport is scored according to the number of runs, which can be the number of occasions the batters exchange places. Runs are also scored in the event the batsman visitors the ball to the border of the playing area. The match is won by the team that scores more runs. Cricket has been an established team sport for centuries and is probably the most popular sports activities in the world. Had originated in its contemporary form in britain and is most popular in today's and previous members in the Commonwealth. In the countries of South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladeh and Sr Lanka, crickinfo is the most well-known sport. It is also a major sport in England, Down under, New Zealand, South Africa, Mvuma, zimbabwe and the English-speaking countries from the Caribbean. 2 . Tennis

Golf is a game played among two players (singles) or between two teams of two players (doubles). Players use a stringed racquet to strike a hollow plastic ball protected...


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