Ancient Silk Civilization

Historical Egyptian World is one of the earliest in the world. It grew up in the fertile lands along the River Nile more than 5000 in years past. Egypt is referred to as " the gift of the Nile, ” because the river's annual flood deposits abundant black garden soil on the smooth land. The Egyptians referred to as the successful river pit Kemet, " the dark land”. The Nile can be flanked by deserts as well as the Egyptians named these unwelcoming lands deshret, " the red area. ”


Priests- The pharaoh was your high clergyman. In theory, simply he may enter each temple your the service required by god. Used, the pharaoh delegated this kind of jobs to priests who have washed, clothed and offered offerings to the statues on a regular basis. Priests had a strict code of conduct. They had being very clean.

Feast days- Each brow had a large number of religious and feast days when the image of the the almighty was transported in retraite, usually in a ceremonial boat from one temple to another. The Afterlife- the Egyptians supported life after death. In addition they had to help to make special arrangements when they passed away. These included the mummifying (preserving) your body and planning the burial place (for case in point, by putting food and goods inside the coffin). Polytheism- the Egyptians believed in numerous Gods and Goddesses. The Burial Persuits:

The Egyptians had incredibly elaborate burial customs. They built pyramids as amazing tombs for their dead pharaohs. The most famous as well as the largest of all the pyramids is at Giza. That belonged to the Pharaoh Cheops. The pyramids at Giza are guarded by a large stone statue called the Sphinx.

The Pharaoh:

The Pharaoh was both the faith based and civil ruler of Egypt. The most important duty with the pharaoh was





To keep Egypt both tranquil and productive.

To ensure that the guidelines of Maat (justice, purchase and truth) were upheld. To ensure that the Gods and Goddesses were properly honored. To protect the region from adversaries


He could be one of the most...


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