Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Common English

2009 Paper two Section 3 Module C – Optional 2: In to the World Allow me to share the analysis criteria to get 2009 (left hand column): In your solution you will be assessed on how


• Demonstrate understanding of the ways texts and

meaning will be shaped simply by context

Organise, develop and exhibit ideas using language

appropriate to target audience, purpose and context

So that you need to know:

The context of every text

The ideas in each textual content

How context affects that means in every


How to write intended for specific uses and


The question Persons venturing into new experience may face obstacles, but may also gain significant rewards. Do you agree with this point of view? In your response, refer to your prescribed textual content and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing.

What it


What are the new experiences (worlds) in your texts?

What are the obstacles?

What are the rewards?

Personal response required: enables negative, great or merged view Make reference to a related text and also the prescribed text message

Sample response: Film

Recommended text: Billy Elliot, Sophie Daldry, 2000

Related text message: The Big Issue, September 2010 (newspaper)

Immediate reference to important

words: experience,

obstacles rewards,

Thesis reaches the end of

the section

Focus on kind

Setting associated with

character's knowledge

Moving into a fresh experience can be a difficult procedure with many obstacles to be get over, but eventually the rewards are worth it and a lot of texts – fictional and nonfictional – demonstrate this kind of reality. Billy Elliot, a movie directed simply by Stephen Daldry and on sale since 2000, can be described as text with a powerful message about venturing into a fresh experience. For the protagonist, Billy, the rewards of the new world of ballet are certainly not easily gained, with many hurdles, not least of all his own family plus the expectations in the community this individual lives in. This same struggle...


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