The Thesis Statement:

Mass media is one of the intensive network which includes an important impact on different people in different ways. Physique:

Paragraph: you

Topic phrase:

First of all, Press makes everyone aware of, what is going on around, by means of studies and magazine etc . Supporting ideas:

We ) Magazine

a. Informs people

b. Easily available

II ) Reports

a. What people desire

Paragraph: a couple of

Topic sentence:

Nowadays Mass media is also a finest of your business cash flow

Supporting concepts:

i)Easy Employment

a. Careers are available

2 )Wide network

Paragraph: several

Topic Word

Media the fourth pillar of Democracy

Assisting Ideas

my spouse and i. Linkage among governing authorities and public

ii. Control the mind of masses

Paragraph: four

Topic word:

Moreover, Multimedia also have a large number of positive effects about people

Helping ideas:

i)Direct way of conversation

a. Press to people

ii)Positive Response

Section: 5

Matter sentence:

Besides, Media also provide many Unwanted effects on people by selling wrong communications and fear Supporting suggestions:

i)What Response.

a. Hit

ii ) Mental effect

Paragraph: six

Topic sentence in your essay:

Beside, many of these positive and negative effects generally there come entertainment.

Supporting concepts:

i)TV serials

a. Fact shows

b. Dramas


a. Action and horror

b. Romantic and funny

Passage: 7

Matter sentence:

Finally, Media can be huge network of interaction in which usual individual gets benefits. Assisting ideas:

i)News channels

ii)Media is part of internet

a. Social networks

Concluding sentence:

All in all, Media is one of the best source of information, and entertainment which will helps most of us in different techniques.


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