Cyber bullying is a problem among teenagers that requires endured attention thinking about the long-lasting mental effects lovato brought to the victims and perpetrators.

According to Elizabeth Landau on her article " When bullying goes substantial tech”, internet bullying will be a lot common with lovato in school which include harassment, humiliation, teasing and aggression. However , cyber bullying presents exclusive challenges in the sense that causes can make an attempt to be confidential and attacks can happen anytime of day time or night using the internet, interactive and digital technologies or perhaps mobile phones, just for entertainment and laughs to get response while for other folks anger, revenge or stress had been their particular impulse intended for cyber intimidation. Cyber bullying can take various forms which includes:

Sending suggest messages or perhaps threats to a person's email account or cell phone Distributing rumours on the net or through texts

Publishing hurtful or threatening emails on online communities or website pages Stealing someone�s account information in order to into their bank account and send damaging text messages Pretending to be another individual online to hurt somebody else

Taking unflattering pictures of a person and spreading them through cellular phones or the Net Sexting, or circulating sexually suggestive images or communications about a person Such functions can be very damaging to children, adolescents and teens as it might lead to stress, depression and even suicide. As a way a first step to toward preventing it is to speak away and do something against internet bullying. Offering appropriate awareness of cyber bullying could help produce a better era of cybercitizens eliminating the cyber bullies around. With this issue, IECEP DLSL SOUTH CAROLINA takes a stand against web bullying. In order to help reduce the cyber bullying, the organization will take action to stop and cope with the consequences with this acts. Primaly is to get started an education campaign to address the effects to get the teenagers to be...


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