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01 March 2011

Comparison Article Tragedy could be caused actually or psychologically to somebody. This causes different principles of value to different people, ( the level of importance/impact). The two Oedipus in Oedipus Rex by John Bennet and Creon in Antigone by simply Sophocles go through tragedy that reflects importance and includes a big impact. Creon compared to Oedipus displays a higher amount of magnitude because his guilty actions screen a higher level of remorse and resulted in a more pronounced existence of regret/suffering and a greater degree of failure. Creon experience a higher amount of remorse after that Oedipus because his sinful acts had been knowingly built despite the unintended consequences. As opposed to Oedipus, Creon understood what he was undertaking was wrong; it was Creon's decision that had triggered the loss of life of his son, his wife, and Antigone. Creon most definitely recognized that his action could cause his owns kids death. Creon warned by the blind telepathist Teiresias that Haemon to would expire if he doesn't change his decision Antigone need to die. " But Creon does not relent and Antigone and Haemon go to their particular deaths. ” (Sophocles 13) Even though Creon was informed by the forecaster that his son will die in the event he would not reverse his decision regarding Antigione, he ignored the prophet which resulted in the death of Antigone, Haemon and his partner Eurydice, impacting him so great that states fate is actually heavy intended for him. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus confronts remorse if he find out that he had in fact killed his father and, more unpleasant, yet got married his own mother. This results in him Henry 2

dazzling himself to wander the earth in exil. " Oedipus had genuinely killed his own father, and, even more horrible yet, had hitched his personal mother. ” (Bennet 2) The telepathist told him that he'd kill his father, which caused him to keep the city, which will only brought him to his...


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