Continuum simply by Allen Curnow analysis

The poem Continuum by Allen Curnow different themes will be dived upon. The composition reflects on mcdougal leaving his house and gazing at the sky, in that case going back in the home because he was cold. This poem delves into distinct themes. Through this essay We are exploring the diverse themes in the poem.

One of the many themes expressed in this composition is the concept of the the time. The writer waits a very long time outside of his house. This really is shown when he talks about how ‘the moon rolls in the roof'. Ultimately of the 1st stanza he mentions that the moon isn't actually moving but it is usually his personal perception. This might be because he continued to wait for so very long that the celestial satellite moved throughout the sky and this from his viewpoint through the roof or that having been moving himself and seeing the celestial body overhead at diverse angles. In the 5th stanza, the poet says ‘A long moment stretches, the next one is not really on time'. This reveals a desire for order. This kind of relates to notion of time, when he doesn't observe time complete when he would like something to last.

The next motif I will be showing upon is the theme of belief. This is first mentioned inside the first stanza where he views the moon as moving over the roof structure and falling down yet later on this individual realizes the fact that moon isn't very actually rolling over the roof top. This is a misconception of what is in fact happening. Inside the 6th stanza, when the author writes ‘the night atmosphere empties the whole of his contents down' that is again a false impression of what is actually occurring. He is employing personification to clarify this. Belief is also problems in the 5th stanza. This really is closely related to what was drafted in the previous passage on time. His perception of your time is faulted depending on just how he seems.

The biggest theme of this poem, is the theme of creation, this idea has a large impact on the poem as the poet person reflects on that quite a bit. Inside the 3rd stanza the poet writes ‘into the washed out creation, a dark place'. In...


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