Comparison of the Female Characters in Romeo and Juliet

In William Shakespeare's vintage play Romeo and Juliet there are three main woman characters, Woman Capulet, her daughter Juliet and their Health professional Angelica. All are very different inside their approaches to various life circumstances; this is partly because they are coming from different interpersonal status, based on a backgrounds and outlook on life. Specifically their thoughts about love and marriage are incredibly different.

Romeo and Juliet was written inside the Elizabethan period, during this period visiting the theatre to view a play was a extremely popular thing, thus Shakespeare's takes on had to remain in what people of this time wished to see. Romeo and Juliet was a prime example of the actual wanted to observe. Many of Shakespeare's characters indicate the time period where the play was written, by way of example Lady Capulet's age of having a wedding and having Juliet (around 13) was very typical at that time, but that is extremely young by simply today's requirements.

All of the women vary in every one of such categories, besides of course that Lady Capulet and Juliet are both prestige. Therefore they may have very different attributes and mannerisms although they do have some commonalities. This makes for any very interesting ‘clash' of individuality in the history.

The nurse is certainly much lower class and prevalent and it had been the usual thing for someone of these social standing to be a registered nurse for a abundant family. The Nurse naturally had quite a deprived relatives background, her parents were probably poor but they increased Angelica as a very happy, outgoing and modern lady. Lady Capulet most likely had extremely rich but rather unfeeling and distant father and mother and this offers imprinted alone on her, unsurprisingly in the way that she snacks Juliet.

The Doctor has taken care of Juliet since that time she came to be and the lady was her wet health professional for a while too. This means that that they formed a really special relationship while Juliet was extremely young; Girl Capulet was never presently there at the early and the most crucial stages of Juliet's your life. This was because Lady Capulet wanted to enjoy her lifestyle and not become tied down by having to look after a kid – it was a typical upper class female attitude of the time. With this very explanation Lady Capulet – even though very confident and controlling – sees it very hard to talk to Juliet by herself so she hardly ever forms an appropriate relationship with her. This is displayed when Lady Capulet first introduces the idea of getting married to Paris, your woman cannot speak with Juliet by herself:

‘This is the matter doctor, give leave awhile,

We must discuss in key. Nurse, return again,

I have appreciated me, thou's hear our counsel'

Lady Capulet is also not very close to her husband since she was obviously a victim associated with an arranged matrimony where appreciate was not whatsoever important just money and status. Set up marriages were very common of the time and so they were to be the fate of several upper class teenage women. This is just what Lady Capulet wants to carry out with Juliet, marry her to Paris because he can be rich; this kind of just shows how frosty and far away Lady Capulet is.

The doctor was first employed because your woman had her own girl – Susan – so she would manage to breast feed Juliet, regrettably Susan and Angelica's husband died thus she was employed full-time. This is a good factor for Angelica because in any other case she would most likely not be able to survive without the Capulets' continued job.

The nurse in contrast to the other two women is very funny and high in volume, she always talks about love-making and the girl makes various sexual innuendoes for example in Act one particular scene3 when ever she says:

‘No much less, nay larger; women increase by men'

This is a clever play on words; she ensures that by relationship women develop status but also in size by becoming pregnant! She is often very exuberant and outgoing whereas Juliet only occasionally can be and Lady Capulet never is usually. The registered nurse always tries to give Juliet good advice but it isn't constantly such good advice, this is...


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