In the event that conducted within a friendly fashion ragging can be a good way of interaction between seniors and juniors, but there have been many instances of agonizing ragging and I students shiver at the considered going to the school on the initially day

The feeling of finally completing university and located on the tolerance of a fresh life i. e. the faculty life, is merely indescribable. It provides an individual a great feeling that finally, he/she is clear of the closed circuit environment of a college and is prepared to lead a jolly, but responsible lifestyle, in the college or university campus. While the college reopens, the fresh batches of college students enthusiastically take on their grounds, with much excitement about their days ahead, including the connection with their aged people.

Often, there is also a big fear of ragging lurking too, at the back of many minds, which acts as a major dampener for all the excitement. This kind of fear can be not unfounded, as it's a fact that college ragging features, at times, used very unpleasant forms. What is normally said to be amicable pleasant of fresher into college or university life, by way of a seniors, sometime turns into gory act of physical and mental nuisance. But , just like the two sides of a coin, the practice of ragging also has its own positives too. Let us examine why you ought to support ragging or go against sb/sth ? disobey it as well as how to deal with the specific situation.

So why Ragging?

Many people think that by simply ragging, teenagers are provided a quick outline of what to expect through the first weeks of college. Ragging can be ideally designed to break the ice between the new entrants and the aged people. It gives to be able to the recently passed away school college students to act maturely and interact with their aged people. In fact , ragging is a fun-filled way to help make the new students get acquainted with the rigors of college life. Some lighthearted comedy, mimicry and comedies during ragging can make it a thrilling time. Hence, in the event conducted in a healthy fashion, the practice provides a superb kick-start for the...


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