The China Gold coin – Plot Summary

Part 1

* Leah and her mom Joan are on a plane to China in search of the beginnings of a mystical half a coin that was sent to Joan from her father. 2. Leah can be not excited to be going.

* Leah does not observe herself because Chinese.

5. We find away that Leah's father features died of cancer and they are generally tracing the coin to get him, as they was really curious about where the partner of the endroit is. 5. Joan is spooked with what she views on TV – a student huge range. Chapter 2

Joan and Leah see a Qingping Industry.

Leah updates that China is changing Joan – she actually is becoming " Chinese” – a part of Joan that Leah has not seen before.

They will meet a man who is putting up symptoms about democracy. *

* Part 3

* We learn that Leah and Mary come from Chatswood NSW.

2. They and Joan go to Good Discipline Village.

5. They discover the Ji family, which is her as well as meet Noir Yin Yu (Silver Jade), Grandfather, Take and Chained Dragon. * Leah sees more change of Joan as the girl introduces very little as Ji Feng Hua and this makes Leah think alone. * They identify that Grand daddy is Joan's father's buddy. *

* Part 4

* Joan reveals them the letter via her father that came with the endroit. * Swallow ‘adopts' Leah as a sibling.

* We learn about a number of the history of Communist China. All of us also learn that learners are protesting in Beijing. *

* Section 5

* We learn that Joan's grandfather began the village 80 years in the past. * They go to the community cemetery.

5. Leah is usually starting to experience a sense of belonging to these kind people – her self image is usually changing as well, and being part China doesn't look like such an undesirable thing today. * Grandfather tells about how exactly he wonderful brother received separated and asks about how precisely rich Joan's father was. He says that he believed his brother would revisit and help these people financially. Mary gets quite defensive of her daddy. * There is a big banquet after Mary returns from the city using their bags. 2.

Phase 6

     Leah realises she doesn't genuinely know her mother Mary very well.      Leah overhears Grand daddy and Jade talking about the coin. She learns that Grandfather is usually keeping all of them there because he thinks they will provide them with funds. Jade can be against this and doesn't need Joan's cash.      Leah tells Joan and so they realise the other half in the coin is usually not inside the village.      Grandfather says they need to go to Turtle Land Community to find the answers. Chapter several

     Joan and Leah get a train to Shanghai in china.

     They meet up with a woman who may be a Communism Party standard. She is impolite and harassing to all of them.      Leah sees that Cina can be a dangerous place.

     We find out that Joan can be afraid of the students/riots mainly because when the lady was tiny there was anti Chinese riots in Penang and their store have been burnt straight down. Chapter almost 8

     Leah halts being angry with Mary.

     They are in Shanghai.

     Leah is definitely taking photos when a selection of students staying chased by soldiers, run down the street and hit her and she's knocked for the ground.      She is separated from Mary and is required to find her way back for the motel on her behalf own.      When she comes back Joan is mad and abuses Leah. We find out that the lady had been afraid that Leah had been flourished by the mob.      They leave the lodge a couple of days after to find a boat to take these to the community. Students will be marching inside the streets and in addition they have trouble getting through. The students are having banners and fighting pertaining to freedom. Leah smiles in the students and is also friendly yet Joan reprimands her since she will not want the soldiers or perhaps police to believe she is one. * Section 9

2. They travel along the Yangtze River.

* They will both keep in mind how they acquired found out about Leah's dad's cancer. * They may be charged since tourists inside the boat's cafe – Joan will not spend double the price and feeds on below while using 3rd category...


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