Character analysis of Roger in Thanks Ma'm

Roger seems to be ashamed of his actions, tries to win Mrs. Jones' trust, and eventually feels impressed by everything this wounderful woman has done pertaining to him.

Roger tries to snatch Mrs. Jones' purse unsuccessfully and he could be embarrassed and quiet when she draws him. He admits that " We didn't aim to. ”(32) and " Woman, I'm sorry” (41) within a low words. He won't look like a professional thief and it is remorseful pertaining to stealing.

This individual also would like Mrs. Williams to trust him following she requires him house. She leaves the door open when they come but Roger does not try to escape. He complies with her requests, washes his face and is waiting for the supper. " The woman would not watch the boy to verify if he was gonna run now, nor do she enjoy her purse, which the girl left behind her on the day bed. ”(151-155) They can also consider her tote and run away easily although he would not. He " took treatment to take a seat on the considerably side of the room, away from the purse. ”(155-156)

He possibly feels impressed by her kindness and life lesson. She tells Roger " My spouse and i were fresh once and i also wanted issues I could not get” (129-131) and did something the girl with regretting intended for to teach him " shoes or boots got by devilish methods will burn off your feet” (190-191). This individual asks " Do you need a person to go to the retail outlet, maybe to get some milk or something? ” (163-165) to complete something to pay her back. Ahead of he leaves, she requests him never tries to rob again and gives him some cash. " The boy wanted to say a thing other than ‘Thank You Ma'm. ' to Mrs. Luella Bates Buenos aires Jones” (199-201). He would like to do something expressing his gratitude.

Roger is repent of robbing, wants to gain Mrs. Jones' trust, and shows his appreciation for her. He is not only a professional robber and just will what many homeless children would carry out at that time.



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