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PRODUCT IV 1750-1914

Chapter twenty-one Study Guide- Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic Universe, 1750-1850

Guidelines: Using full sentences, solution the following concerns. Use the question as the stem of your response. Site numbers are provided.

1 . List four (4) 18th 100 years European battles. p. 542

2 . Determine, in short, John Locke's political philosophy. l. 542-3 3. What was Jean-Jacques Rousseau's personal argument? g. 543 some. European nobles that supported some Enlightenment ideas had been called " enlightened despots”. Who were these types of monarchs (examples) and so why did that they favor a few Enlightenment ideas? P. 543 5. Precisely what is Nicolas-Jacques Conte famous for? G. 544

six. Describe by least a few ways in which females were a key component in the diffusion of new ideas. P. 545 7. The intellectual activity known as the Enlightenment most deeply influenced what emerging course in Europe? P. 545 8. What were folks cultures and what had been some of their attributes? P. 546-7 9. What two (2) related challenges did the British confront after busting the French in 1763? L. 547 twelve. Which Amerindian chief drove the Uk from several western outposts and raided Virginia and Pennsylvania at the end of the Several Years' War? p. 547 11. What was the purpose of the Proclamation of 1763? P. 547

doze. What sparked a political confrontation that led to rebellion in the British N. American colonies? L. 548 13. What was the Stamp Action of 1765? P. 548

14. Who had been the Kids of Liberty? p. 548

15. What violent function radicalized various colonists up against the British? g. 548 18. Before filing its freedom (essentially war), list in least 3 (3) techniques used by American colonists in answer to United kingdom policies. P. 548 17. Who wrote the inflammatory pamphlet Sound judgment? p. 549

18. Look at the excerpt from your Declaration of Independence. What kind of " rights” will be expressed in the excerpt and what renowned British philosopher popularized...


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