Case 03: Imaginative Deviance: Apple Org Data!

One of the major capabilities of an organization hierarchy should be to increase standardization and control for top managers. Using the sequence command, managers can direct the activities of subordinates toward a common goal. If the correct person using a creative vision is in charge of a hierarchy, the results may be phenomenal. Until Steve Jobs' regrettable moving in Oct 2011, Apple had used a strongly top-down innovative process by which most major decisions and innovations flowed directly through Jobs after which were assigned to sub-teams as particular assignments to complete. In that case there is creative evidence, through which individuals create extremely powerful products in spite of being told simply by senior managing to stop taking care of them. The electrostatic exhibits used in more half of Hewlett-Packard's instruments, the tape slitter that was one of the most important process enhancements in 3M's history, and Nichia's development of multi-billion-dollar LED bright light technology were all officially rejected by management hierarchy. In all these kinds of cases, an approach like Apple's would have shut down some of the most good products these companies ever created. Doing " business while usual” could become such an very important in a hierarchical organization that new way of doing something is seen as Dangers rather than Chances for development. It's certainly not immediately apparent why top-down decision making functions so well for one highly imaginative company like Apple, when hierarchy almost ruined improvements at a number of other organizations. It might be that Apple's structure is really quite simple, with relatively couple of layers and a great deal of responsibility placed on every individual for his or her own outcomes. Or it may be that Apple simply had a extremely unique leader who was capable of rise above the traditional structures of a CEO to make a culture of constant innovation. Do you think it's possible for a company to purposely create an...


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