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Fresh Direct,, Li City, New York, Online Grocer BACKGROUND HISTORY

Fresh Direct offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their customers. They get pride in delivering food from the plantation to the table within a quick, exact and quality manner. Clean Direct was started in 2001 by Paul Fedele and Jason Ackerman in the New York area. The organization set very good quality standards and staffed their particular 300, 000-square-foot production facility with the maximum trained workers. The result was very new perishable items (the business specialty) and low prices. Refreshing Direct surely could keep prices low by " entirely eliminating the middleman rather than accepting virtually any slotting allowances” (Dess, 2012). The quality of Fresh Direct's meals was achieved by buying neighborhood, in-season fruits and vegetables and keeping all things at a desirable temperature. The production facility is equipped with a software program that settings everything performed at the service. If temp ranges must be changed, they may be done so in the control room. Staff for the facility floors will be alerted by a monitoring system if any conditions fall out of range. The consequence of this persistance to top quality is seen by company's progress and revenue over the past 12 years. The Fresh Direct mission is to help clients lead healthful lives with no compromising their busy activities.



* Top quality of products 2. Expert and well trained personnel * Local produce suppliers * Exceptional manufacturing computer software * Huge customer base in a small radius| * No middleman- firm must do every purchasing and selling within just itself 5. High cost to operate business (purchasing, staffing, warehouse, delivery) 5. 2 hour delivery window| OPPORTUNITIES| THREATS

* Combine with businesses in the catering industry to expand about Fresh Immediate At The Office 5. Advertise At The Office...

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