8. Wherever is the plantation located? What is its region? Describe. The plantation is located in Diamond Farm 22, Alejal Carmen, Davao del Ideal. The area of banana planting is very vast because plums are used for transferring in different countries. In every 1 hectare there are approximately 2, 000 foule of different types of banana. The length of clown to each other is 2 . 2 meters.

9. What plant species is grown? What intended for (food or industry)? Describe. The plant varieties grown in Diamond Farm building 22 will be bananas. That they used diverse varieties of clown namely; a. ) Grandnaine has bigger trunk, short bunch of clown and fruits, b. ) Ecuador has large shoe, longer number and for a longer time fruits, c. ) Williams has normal size of trunk area, longer lot and longer fruits. The plantation is made for supplying and producing banana for expoet and household purposes. The plantation source banana upon different parts of the world like Japan, Switzerland and Sydney.

10. Describe the plant's progress and stage. What chemicals are used in the plantation?

The growth and phases of the clown start from the plantlet. The original fruit bearing plant is known as the " mother”. Following harvesting, it really is cut down and a grow called a child or ratoon (follower) increases from the same roots while the mom. This follower or suckers are used to replace or to always be transplanted to the other part of the plantation in order to replace the mother flower. The suckers that are used for propagation usually have stem size of 2 to 6 inches and they are about 3 months old. The leaves are usually cut off. The other stage is the vegetative expansion. In this level false originate or pseudostem is developed, that sets off from the underground corm and is created by concentric layers of leaf sheaths. The third stage is the flowering. The plants appear in groupings (hands) over the stem and they are covered by purplish bracts which will roll as well as shed while the fruit originate develops. The first hands to appear have female...


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