Video Assessment #1

Exactly what is the best thing regarding being an archeologist?

This video is around the various items that archeologists do that produce their job great. They could uncover tales from the past that nobody even recognized about right up until they uncovered them. Becoming prove riht about a site or traditions is one of the advantages of the job as well. You will get to meet people from worldwide who talk about in your love. You imagination is a powerful tool when recreating days gone by in the present. This video will an exceptional task in highlighting the best things about being an archeologist. I have frequently thought about turning into as archaeologist but We only prefer to look for items and the associated with it holds small interest to me.

Video Review #2

What is Archaeology?

This kind of video is around the definition of archaeology and what it entails. Archaeology is definitely the study of human history and prehistory through looking at artifacts and excavating sites. That they spend a lot of time wandering around looking for points but they contact this surveying. When excavations happen they might be for several reasons, one is to recuperate items to keep them safe from building. Other times it is to understand more of what they observe on the surface area during a study. These items are either directed at a museum for a collection on display or the family members of those whom lived there. This online video does a amazing job explaining what an excavation is and why that they happen.

Address 8/27

Why examine civilizations?

You live in one

All of them collapse

You will find lessons to be learned coming from others experiences

The achievements of historical societies play a role in our admiration of the man achievement A comparative evaluation of the go up and fall of human being civilizations The lessons of archaeology

" Individuals who do not keep in mind the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana Mesopotamia

Land between two oceans (Tigris and Euphrates)

Heartland of urbanism

Birthplace of empires

Landscape of discord

Ancient Egypt

Civilization along the Nile

Environment and world

Rise of political expert

Religion and politics

Ideology and power

Aegean Civilizations

Trade and the emergence of social elites

Palace structured kingdoms

Environmental catastrophe and history

Ocean going kingdoms

Ancient Greece

Dark ages to Golden Period

Democracy and polity

Effects of combat

Shared culture of Hellenic world and peer polity interaction Both roman Empire

Via village to metropolis

Political tensions, revolts and centralization of electric power

Strategies of significantly flung empire

Ancient Cina

Agrarian basics of power

Religion, useful resource control and power

Early writing

Loan consolidation of power

Empire, history and the Great Wall of Cina

Ancient North America

Social complexity in Local North America

Ethnical diversity

American southwest: Hohokam, Ancestral Poblado

Mississippian culture: Cahokia, pre Columbian

Mesoamerica/Middle America

Mesoamerica as a traditions area

Environmental complexities and political trajectories

Emergence of complex societies

Andean Civilizations

Religion and emergence of monumental buildings

Andean chiefdoms, states and empires

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" We are a collej stewdent”

Tricks for success

CSUDH- 30% freshmen drop out 1st year

30% undergraduates complete BA in six years

Why? Lack of support groups

Personal challenge

Lack of effective educational skills

Present Expectations

Standard expectations of you being a college student


Intro to compliment

Call teacher either Mentor of Doctor

Syllabus- summarizes dates

Reading topics/assignments

Learning outcomes

Contacting professor- [email protected] edu

College student email- use toromail bank account

Inappropriate class room behavior- whatever interferes with learning Why are 12-15 units regular? Every category hour is usually 2-3 several hours at home Will I...


Parkinson Disease Essay

Essay about ethnic detoxification kosovo