Academic Procrastination and Time Management


March twenty nine, 2014

Teacher Taylor

Educational Procrastination and Time Management

Procrastination is a behavior that affects a large number of people's period management skills. I believe that by learning more about how precisely and so why people procrastinate we can better tailor new skills to manage the time. In an article by simply Bui (2007) he pinpoints three types of handlungsaufschub and how they affect habit. These types include Chronic Handlungsaufschub, Self-handicapping Prokrastination, and Effective Procrastination. Simply by exploring this topic I really hope to learn to identify situations in my own existence to improve.

Serious procrastinators may well have a fear of how others might judge all of them, also called evaluation apprehension. Worried about how others perceive these people, chronic procrastinators may be determined to change their behavior in order to be looked at in a positive light. In comparison, the same persons would not be as good if we were holding not required to get evaluated.

Self-handicapping procrastination is usually where a person makes standard excuses, such as becoming too weak or distracted, to allow them to avoid an unpleasant task. In a research where individuals were advised that poor performance on a task will indicate low intellectual potential, high self-handicappers claimed far more handicaps, could the participants were given the task or received any opinions. By proclaiming more handicaps the excessive self-handicappers can easily blame any negative responses on other reasons besides low intellect. Self-handicapping behaviors can help people to barrier failure.

Energetic procrastinators work with time pressure to their benefit. They manage the stress of approaching deadlines by concentrating on the task at hand. On the other hand, unaggressive procrastinators focus on their thoughts during stressful times. There is certainly indication that active handlungsaufschub can actually be useful for some persons. Personally, this is actually the form of...

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