Venus in furs may be the story of the man who also loves one particular woman a great deal that he chooses to be her slave in order to not lose her. Severin fulfills his Venus in rapport one night in a backyard near his home; a red-headed girl with paler white epidermis and piercing green sight. The first time he sees her, he works away from her, but the second time, in the balcony, earning their acquaintances. She says that she was made curious about him from an image he kept in one of the books he lent her. So they discuss their differences in views of love and marriage and the romance between people. She is with the opinion which the Christian point of view of matrimony is problematic. One cannot expect a woman to stay in love with one man forever and at any time. Severin communicates his opinion that in any relationship both the man or the woman is going to take the reins in a relationship. If the man does not quickly establish his place in the woman, then it is in her innate mother nature to take the reins and subjugate him. They continue their discussion over time and he turns into more and more crazy about her. She actually is resistant to his quest for relationship because she does not know yet if he is the gentleman she may respect and therefore have a lasting relationship with. She demands to live with him for a year and after that if the like is true she would marry him. In order to not lose her and to satisfy his desire to be controlled simply by his Abendstern, he asks that he might become her slave. To start with she is resilient; she doesn't think she gets the predilection to be therefore cruel. But as the story unfolds she wants to this with the caution to him that he may incite this kind of cruelty that he may not want or anticipate from her. The Morgenstern makes up an agreement for Severin to signal regarding their very own arrangement. Then they travel to Italia, to be away from the people they will know and be in an area where captivity is certainly not abhorrent for the general populace. Once in Italy, the lady finds a Villa to stay in so no person thinks strangely of her behavior while she...


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