It was during the college holidays this past year. I was sense bored and restless right up until one day when I came across an advertisement in the papers with regards to a circus coming to my community. Naturally, I became curious and enthusiastic as I experienced never gone to a festival before and looked forward to viewing a show that night. We attained the festival grounds early to buy each of our tickets. We started checking out but , once i heard the growling of tigers and lions, We felt worried and leaped back to my parents. Soon we were seated and the show involved to begin. The first item was a humorous one performed by monkeys dressed in colored suits and little hats. They rode on horse-back round the band. I really laughed at these kinds of a funny look for they looked like tiny men. Next, generally there entered two pretty ladies with two men about trapeze. That they kept the spectators spellbound with their skillful stunts, moving the and exchanging places in the air to the association of soothing music. It absolutely was thrilling to view them. After that clowns in baggy costumes and funny, painted looks made the look of them. Suddenly, together clown cried, I saw a twig of drinking water squirting away from his eyes and he made everybody laugh together with his antics, in particular when he gone tumbling straight down and his reddish colored nose shone like a light. There were a great many other interesting items. I felt uneasy when the lions performed their action and heaved a sigh of relief when they had been finally locked up again in their crate. We gone home gladly after the display and I believed that the festival is a good type of entertainment.


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