12 Step Meeting

Elisabeth Hudson

HUMS 113

Mentor Eric Comstock

8. 01. 14

12 Step Meeting

One my way to the meeting I was feeling really stressed. I didn't really know what to anticipate. I could imagine how many people would be there or perhaps what the energy would be just like. I considered if there would be tears, or perhaps laughter. Whether it would be joy or solemn silence. I had not been to anything like that and so i believe the feeling was just me personally being completely unsure. I had been also capable to see what it would be just like. To hear the actual had to say and to interact with them. We enjoyed the stories that have been shared plus the support of all of the people in the room being so sincere and listening. I as well enjoyed the prayer at the conclusion. I didn't like when everyone were required to admit out loud that they had been alcoholic ( I receive that it's portion of the 12 actions but it appeared like they had currently admitted that to themselves because these people were there) We also failed to like the environment that the getting together with was held in. It appeared like it could've been saved in someplace outside the house that was relaxing or maybe in a house of worship to connect spiritually but it was just in a business place. However I will say that set up room could've been filled with total rookies or other people, they had this phenomenal and supportive energy that just stuffed the room. I actually loved seeing these people connect, grow, and heal over a tragedy that took over all their life It absolutely was also amazing and empowering to view them associated with step the give themselves and the persons they appreciate a better long term. I think a dozen step works because most likely surrounded by people that can accord and offer advice. You happen to be supported and encouraged. By simply that point you are usually self-aware that there is problems and you need to help your self. To me that can and will make or break your chances of getting hired. I really like the fact that 12 measures are religious, I think trusting in some thing bigger than yourself is essential to the procedure. I...


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